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300 is a project for the 2018's edition of Gainerie 91's contest. 

Subject : "Connect your senses"

connecting sense by apprehending them in the era of new technologies

This packaging is made to be derived according to the perfume. It is a special edition of the collection «Les Exclusifs de Chanel».

The aim is to enable the customer to visualise and touch his perfume, this way we change the senses used from the smell to the sight and the touch.

It has 3 steps and experiences for the customer according to the 3 different notes of a perfume.

example :

Chanel’s Bel Respiro

top note : spicy, the primary packaging, the box and the spray bottle

middle note : green, inside of the
box and appears only when the box is open, and on the logo on the top of the box when the user touchs it thanks to thermo sensitive ink.

back note : animal, top of the perfume bottle

The main box is made of embossed cardboard, the inside is made of paper, the top of the perfume and the spray are made of plastic with 3D printing.

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